Bee Card is a digital site that replaces old business cards with one full of information. On this site you can store all your links. Excellent for people or businesses that do not have a website.

We currently have (3) plans: FREE, PRO and Business.

Anyone with the link can immediately access your Bee Card.

We use SSL certificates for the creation of your Bee Card, so it is more difficult for someone to modify your data. But your information is public so we recommend not using confidential data.

There are many ways to share your information, such as:

Business Card Printed with the QR code.
Sharing the link of your Bee Card on social networks and / or WhatsApp.
Using the link of your Bee Card on your Instagram profile.
Sharing a printed QR Code.

  1. The first step is choosing your plan.
    Make the annual or monthly membership payment.
    Once the payment has been made, the creation phase of your personalized Bee Card begins.
    We confirm with you all the information provided and the second creation payment is made.
    Enjoy all the benefits!
  1. Access to your Bee Card 24/7.
    QR code (digital file).
    Updates and improvements that we make.
    The addition of new services (like the new WhatsApp widget).
    Priority Technical Support
    Bee Card best practice guides, success stories and tools to boost your business.

If you have additional questions write to us on WhatsApp, we will be happy to help you.

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